Wheeler Rex

Personalized Excellence Refines Wheeler-Rex's Brand Positioning

Our collaboration with Wheeler-Rex played a key role in refining their brand, positioning them as a top personal service-driven alternative to mainstream corporate tool brands. By emphasizing relationships and quality, Wheeler-Rex has become known for its respected reputation, diverse products, and personalized service. Through our partnership, we highlighted their commitment to craftsmanship and customer satisfaction, prioritizing product excellence and customer care. Blending American and Japanese manufacturing cultures, Wheeler-Rex has shaped a brand identity centered on quality, employee pride, and customer success. With their brand message, "We Take Quality Personally," Wheeler-Rex continues to nurture lasting connections with their valued customers.

Social Media Success

Our partnership with Wheeler-Rex has revolutionized their social media presence, substantially elevating their brand's voice. By integrating strategic social management with dynamic content and targeted advertising, we've grown their audience to over 10K in less than two years.

We also tapped into the power of user-generated content, effectively managing and weaving it into our strategy to ignite interaction and interest. This approach has been a game-changer, as one post alone has surged to over 1.6 million views.

These numbers aren’t just impressive—they tell the story of how connected and active the Wheeler-Rex community is and just how effective our social media strategies have been.