Keeping things moving forward

Quickdraft has more than 70 years of experience developing solutions to help make food processing more efficient with their innovative pneumatic conveying, exhaust and exhaust filtration systems. WRL has supported Quickdraft's marketing efforts for more than 40 years, supporting print brochures, trade advertising, trade show banners, websites and more recently digital media and 3-D system animations.

Custom conveying and exhaust solutions

The Venturi-powered conveying and exhaust solutions they provide to their customers are very large systems located in manufacturing processing plants and on rooftops. In order to help their salespeople explain the inner-workings, WRL has recently created new 3D animated systems that can be shown at trade show events. Using a touch screen monitor, you can rotate around and through the systems for an up-close view. This is a very effective sales tool when demonstrating systems operating in high-heat environments or cryogenic cooling tunnels where it’s dangerous and nearly impossible to accurately see the machinery in action.