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North Canton Medical Foundation (NCMF) is dedicated to being a partner in improving the health and wellness of its community through collaborations and financial support.

In 2018, NCMF began a branding journey with WRL in search of elevated logos, narratives, and messaging crafted to resonate with its audience. WRL integrated visuals and content across platforms including website updates, print ads, public relations, direct mail and social media strategies. This campaign for NCMF celebrated its 5-year anniversary, differentiated NCMF from local entities, and highlighted its community impact. It also attracted new donors, and shared powerful stories from grantees.

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Through WRL’s efforts, the campaign enhanced NCMF’s visibility, engaged with the communities it serves, and sustained its legacy of philanthropy. Discover the transformative potential of our branding services and propel your brand to success with WRL Advertising.