Strategic Partnership

Headquartered just up the road in North Canton, Ohio, Kenan Advantage Group (KAG) stands as North America's premier tank truck transporter. Delivering millions of tons annually, KAG transports essential ingredients that fuel various industries, solidifying their position as the undisputed leader in the bulk transportation sector. Over the years, our partnership with Kenan Advantage Group has grown from providing marketing solutions to becoming an integral part of their strategic vision.

Early on, we initiated a major update to KAG's website. Through ongoing updates, we've refined the site to address KAG's changing business needs, encompassing everything from recruitment to sales. Today, the website exemplifies a user-focused design, offering a smooth and informative browsing experience that exemplifies KAG's commitment to excellence and innovation.

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Full-Service Marketing Solutions

Extending beyond website development, our work with KAG has expanded to include search engine optimization, print ads, trade publications, targeted social campaigns, Google ads, and more. Our approach is both strategic and brand-centric, ensuring each message is a genuine reflection of KAG's core values.

Authenticity is the cornerstone of our content creation. We venture far and wide to capture the real-life footage that brings KAG’s story to the forefront, resonating with audiences and solidifying the brand’s genuine presence in the market.

Since partnering with KAG, we've played a pivotal role in their impressive 102.99% audience growth on social platforms. This achievement is a testament to the combined efforts and unified vision of our teams, driving success through strategic marketing initiatives.