Unleashing the Böhler bulldog mascot concept

voestalpine Böhler Welding USA, based in Sugarland, Texas, wanted to launch a new line of Stick Electrodes (SEL) made for the American Welding Market. While their Austrian parent company is the European market leader, the company was looking for a way to differentiate themselves from the other U.S. based sellers and wanted to introduce a mascot to launch the product line and raise brand awareness.

Best in show

WRL feels that there is no one “right’ solution as far as a product launch goes. In general, mascots, whether animal or human, can be an effective method for raising brand awareness and creating a connection with customers. WRL created an engaging mascot that is tough, a little rough around the edges, and independent – a very memorable character named Bo who would resonate with the welder audience. The social media marketing plan for the mascot launch included introducing Bo, featuring Bo with the new product line, holding online contests, and finally showing Bo with the product in the markets where they will be used.