The Amazon Effect

by Olivia HuntleyAmazon Services

WRL Offers New Services for Clients Looking to Enter the Amazon Market

Since the launch of Amazon in 1994, the online retail world has been fast evolving. Amazon is the second-largest company in the United States, and it holds 45% of the eCommerce market. There are over 112 million Amazon Prime members and it is the fifth most visited site in the world. With that being said, it is safe to say that Amazon is taking over traditional brick-and-mortar stores and dramatically changing the way consumers shop and how businesses market themselves. WRL has recently begun offering several new Amazon-related services including Brand Registry, Market Analysis, A+ Content, Storefront Creation, Paid Advertising, and Management Consulting. If you are currently selling or looking to sell your products on Amazon, take a look at what WRL can do for you!

Amazon Market Analysis – Selling on Amazon can seem a bit overwhelming at first but just like any other business proposition, it is important to do research before diving in. WRL’s Amazon Market Analysis is a detailed report that provides an overview of the industry, a look into the target market, and an evaluation of competition. The industry overview takes a look at supply and demand, market saturation, potential growth, barriers to entry, and more. The examination of the target market outlines the consumers who are buying these products, their age, buying habits and other identifiable characteristics. The evaluation of competition takes a look at the strength and weaknesses of current competitors. After the in-depth report is complete, WRL uses it as a guide to help clients navigate the Amazon market. It provides clear insight into whether or not selling on Amazon is worthwhile. It also helps to create a value proposition and a plan of attack when deciding to enter the market.

Amazon Brand Registry (new products only) – Once the market analysis is complete and clients decide to move forward, they must get approval to sell their new products through Amazon Brand Registry. This process allows Amazon to vet potential business, ensuring all sellers and products are credible. Ultimately Brand Registry helps companies build and protect their brand while creating the best possible experience for customers. To begin the process, WRL submits a list of detailed information including the registered trademark – which must be filed through Amazon IP Accelerator – the trademark registration number, the brand name, and product categories. If all criteria are met and information can be verified, Amazon will approve the Brand Registry. After it is approved, clients can begin selling and they will have access to additional assets including Amazon A+ Content, Amazon Storefront, and Amazon Paid Advertising.

Amazon A+ Content – With millions of products listed and sold on Amazon, it is hard to differentiate which ones are the best. Amazon A+ Content is an extension of the traditional product descriptions, which increases credibility and influence. The enhanced pages include charts and graphics used to present product features, capabilities, comparisons, customer testimonials and more. WRL’s creative team selects the right template for each client then proceeds to design and input the A+ content, making sure to choose the right words, images and information to captivate the target market. Once the project is built, WRL uploads the content for Amazon review. Once the A+ Content is approved, consumers will have access to the information, which will help them make informed decisions when purchasing on Amazon.

Amazon Storefront – This is an exclusive website located within Amazon that is dedicated to a specific brand and its products. Amazon Storefront sets clients apart from their competition by offering consumers a virtual online retail store. The storefront continues to promote brand credibility as well as build consumer trust and loyalty. Each storefront is unique to each company and its products. Using the Amazon Storefront builder, WRL’s team of designers customize the site to represent the client’s brand image. To start, WRL designs and uploads the company name, logo, hero images, product images, descriptions and other general info. As the design continues, customization can reach even further by creating additional pages to feature specific product categories, special offers, new releases, etc. After the design is complete, WRL will submit the storefront for Amazon review. Amazon typically takes up to 72 hours for approval.

Amazon Paid Advertising – After a product is approved through Brand Registry, it does not necessarily mean a company will experience sales or profit. Products are not guaranteed to appear on the first, second, or even third page of a product search. To rank higher on search results, products need time to acquire customer feedback, reviews and clicks. To speed up the process of reaching the top search pages, clients can pay for advertising. WRL assists clients looking to advertise on Amazon by helping them create a sponsored ad campaign. Each campaign will depend on how much money clients want to spend and the audience they want to reach. Throughout the development of the campaign, WRL helps clients decide on the right payment options as well as keyword sponsors, ensuring the advertisement reaches the right audience and the money is being used effectively.

Amazon Management Consulting – Following the implementation of these services, WRL continues to support our clients for as long as they need. WRL provides an Amazon Management Consulting service to ensure clients continued success on Amazon. The consulting service runs a monthly market analysis report signaling any new competition that has entered the market. It also performs account upkeep, which includes updating product information and images, providing customer service, responding to customer comments, and more.

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