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Streaming ads continue to reshape the digital advertising world.

Advertising has taken a dramatic shift since the decline of cable television in 2013. Traditional advertising – like commercials during broadcast and cable media placements – are still used, but other forms have become increasingly more common. These include social media advertising, search engine advertising, influencer campaigns and drumroll please…STREAMING SERVICES.

Now it’s time for a commercial break…

Psych! We’re just getting started!

According to, around 85% of U.S. households now have at least one subscription to a video streaming service. To get an idea of how large this number is, take a look at the number of viewer subscriptions for a FEW of the video streaming services below.

Note these numbers are viewer subscriptions, not viewers 👀. That’s a lot of eyes.

There are plenty of other video streaming services, including Prime Video, Paramount+ and HBO Max – just to name a few. And with names like these, you can expect to dig deep in your pocket for a few seconds of screentime. However, there are a few streaming services that almost any company can afford.

Hulu Ads Manager offers ad placements for as low as $500 per campaign. Impressions vary depending on campaign budget and targeting. Perhaps the best thing about Hulu ads is that they are not skippable, meaning viewers have to watch them…or leave the room.

YouTube TV offers a wide variety of advertising options at accessible prices for all budgets, both large and small. You can tailor your ad placement to reach specific demographics without being locked into a set minimum. With YouTube TV, you have the power to choose from different ads, lengths, and targeting options, allowing maximum control over how each campaign reaches its intended audience. 

As streaming services continue to become more popular, streaming ads are likely to remain a significant component of the advertising landscape. If you haven’t considered adding streaming ad placements to your company’s marketing strategy, you’re already behind.

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